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1103 W Hibiscus Blvd
 West Melbourne, FL 32904
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Welcome to The Yoga Space


We offer Yoga classes, Workshops, and Private/Semi Private Sessions. The studio is located at the corner of Dairy and Hibiscus in Building 1103 # 405 take the Stairs or Elevator to the second floor. Classes are $10 or package of 5 for $4o . Looking forward to welcoming you here!


                                     Classes For July

Mondays        10-11:00       *Beginner Yoga-Tami

                      5:30-6:30        Energy Yoga-Al


Tuesdays        10:-11:00    * Restorative Yoga with Lauren

                       6:00-7:00     *Yoga For Stress-Tami



Wednesdays    10:00-11:00   *Yoga For Stress-Tami

                         5:30-6:30       *Yoga Foundations-Tami


Thursdays      12:00-1:00       *Yoga For The Back&Shoulders-Tami

                         6:00-7:00        Vinyasa Flow-Gina


*Best classes for Beginners or those wanting a gentle yoga experience :)



Workshops For July-Buy Now Options at Bottom of Page


Yoga For The Summer Season with Tami-7/11 Sat. 10-11:30. All Levels $20.

Yes its's hot!!! In Yoga tradition, this is a time to practice long, slow, deep poses that are quiet, cooling, and calming. When out of balance during this yang solar season we may observe ourselves being more competitive, self-critical, and judgemental causing digestive issues both physical and emotional. On the plus side, this can be a time of  increased motivation, focus, and desires. Join us for this seasonal workshop merging together pitta balancing yoga poses and ayurvedic tools  All Levels Welcome.


Intro to Ashtanga Yoga with Laurie Kido Lyons. Fri. 7/18 5:30-7:30.  Cost: $30, $50 if combined with Sunday’s Workshop. $5 off each for early registration.
Ashtanga Yoga is a dynamic flowing style of yoga based on the teachings of the late Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. It is designed to heal, cleanse, and tone the body and mind. Jois developed this system under the guidance of his teacher Krishnamacharya, in Mysore, India in the late 1930s, borrowing from an ancient text called The Yoga Korunta. In this workshop, we will explore the practice of Ashtanga in depth, beginning with a brief history. Then we’ll explore the principles that make this style unique: Ujjayi (victorious breath), Bandhas (energy locks), Drishti (gazing point), and Vinyasa (the marriage of breath and movement). After experimenting with these essential elements, we’ll dive in and break down each of the 60 poses of the Primary Series. Modifications will always be offered. We will discuss “the physics of flight,” how to achieve weightlessness in your vinyasas. Combining all these elements in a mindful way, you will experience Ashtanga how it’s meant to be practiced, effortlessly riding the breath from one pose to the next. Open to everyone, this workshop will deepen your yoga practice, whatever style and level that may be.
Ashtanga Yoga, Intermediate Series with Laurie Kido Lyons Sun. 7/20 2-4pm.

Known as Nadi Shodana (nerve cleansing), the 2nd Series of Ashtanga is designed to strengthen the back body and balance the nadis or energy channels of the body, allowing Prana to flow freely. While some of the earlier asanas in the sequence may be familiar to many the sequence moves onto more intense backbends, arm balances, hip openers and headstand variations. The poses have their own health benefits and challenges but the specific combination of the poses works strongly on the nervous system, so it can have a very different effect on the body than the Primary series or other dynamic yoga classes. One year or more of the Primary series is suggested.


Breath and Bandhas 101 with Gina Wilson-7/26 Sat. 10-11:30. All Levels $20

Want to learn how to fold further, twist deeper,balance better, bend smarter and refine your movements. Learn how to utilize your breath and access internal locks in your body in order to discover greater depths in your practice. We will go over how to apply these tools in various types of postures. All Levels Welcome


The Yoga of Voice with Cara Marie-  8/10 Sun. 3-4:30. $20.  The human voice is a powerful and mysterious instrument that we each carry. Explore the healing power of your voice as you move through yoga postures (asana) using tones, chants, and positive affirmations in this integrative workshop. Includes handout and tea. All levels welcome.


Explore Yoga Now with Tami- 4 week series Aug 2nd thru Aug. 23. Saturdays 1-2:15pm. Cost $40 preregister or $50 .

Have you always wanted to try yoga but weren't sure where or how to start or feel uncomfortable joining a group thats been practicing together for awhile? That's why we're offering Explore Yoga. All props are provided.






 Private Sessions are available for individuals or small groups. Call for more info. 321-223-4285.















Special Rates
The Yoga of Voice $20
Explore Yoga $40
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